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Royal Weddings in Udaipur(city of lakes), Rajasthan(India):

The world’s most beautiful place is the ideal place for the world’s most beautiful relationship. Yes the relationship that symbolises eternal love, dedication and trust is marriage and the place to be is our Udaipur(Rajasthan). Udaipur boasts the history of many royal weddings, it attracts many celebrities from across the world to tie themselves into this beautiful love bond. The very special thing about Udaipur is its colourful culture and lovely heritage, that links way before to the times of royal Maharajas (kings) and Maharanis(queens). The royal feel, still, is in the air of Udaipur and we invite you here to be the part of the royal culture, to be the part of the royal heritage and to be the part of our royal Udaipur.
The city of lakes can serve you as the best place for your or for your loved one’s marriage. There is a special fey touch in the air; atmosphere here boosts romance, colours, love and eternity. The glaze of water in the lakes is so bright that it brings you and your loved ones to a cloud nine experience. The experience, that could last forever in your heart and mind as a brilliant memoir of our classy Udaipur. Let us make your special moment a little more special with the royal feel of magnificent Udaipur.
An extravagant marriage with glittering lamps, illuminating lights, jaw-dropping fireworks, heart-warming decoration, overwhelming music and tempting multi-cuisine food that could make the occasion all the more special with watering mouth and delighted guests is what we offer you. Wedding at exotic locations, serene lakes and royal palaces could make your occasion more beautiful. The dignity with which the bride walks towards the ‘Mandapa’ the charm with which the groom holds her hand and the love with which their kith and kin rejoice the celebrations are the moments of immense pleasure that everyone present in the wedding awaits. And we assure you that it would bring a smile on your face, the smile of utter satisfaction and delight, the smile of lavishness and enjoyment; yes the royal smile.

Goa beach Wedding, India (beach king):

Golden sand, elegantly standing palms and glistening azure water of the Arabian Sea crown Goa as beach wedding destination in India. Beautifully tucked amidst the Konkan region, this flamboyant landscape calls for a perfect mixture of nature, beauty & simplicity in a wedding destination. With numerous wedding venues in Goa the city takes pride in having facilitated numerous hearts to meet, take first step of their journey ahead- Wedding, wedding that we make memorable with our-Shadi ki Tayyari.
This highly demanded beach destination is dotted with numerous scintillating Goa wedding venues - elegantly facilitated and fully equipped with all the paraphernalia required for weddings Apart from beach weddings many of high heeled couples give preference to indoor weddings in Goa as all the premier hotel chains have made a presence there. Some of the world class brands of hotels which offer amazing wedding venues in Goa are Varca Palms Beach Resort , Taj Holiday Village, and Zuri White Sands Resort which set the perfect arena, ambience and aroma for the royal wedding ceremony complimented by one of the best royal and destination wedding planners in India.

Royal Wedding Venues in Ranakpur, Rajasthan( India):

A. FatehBagh(Rajasthan, India):

There are special venues developed in Ranakpur for Destination Weddings, Family Function, After Marriage, Wedding Events, Corporate Events.
This Royal Retreat of the HRH Group of Hotels is located in the famous temple town of Ranakpur. It is probably India's first attempt at 'transplanting a palace', faithfully preserving the richness of Rajput architecture for 21st century visitors.

B. Mana (Rajasthan, India):

To say the least, Shadis are a stressful time for the bride and groom as well as their families across all cultures. The big fat Indian wedding however, tends to take on a life of its own and has mind boggling demands. More often than not, weddings in your hometown can become more about your guests than yourself. A wedding at Mana Ranakpur however, is only about you. Your Shaadi with a Tadka of Our Shaadi ki Tayyari for you, Our Wedding Planning, our Wedding Ideas, our Wedding Resources, our wedding invitation, our marriage sites.
Mana Ranakpur has been built keeping in mind all possible requirements of our guests. So if you’re looking for a peaceful and personal wedding, Mana Ranakpur is the choicest destination for your wedding!

Neemrana Royal Wedding(Rajasthan, India) :

Rajasthan is very popular for its royal weddings. The scenic beauty, romanticism, solitude, and mysticism of Neemrana attract most of the couples and make it a perfect town in Rajasthan to hold a royal wedding.
The soothing environment, beautiful paintings, crystalline chandeliers, antique furniture are decked lavishly by the Neemrana fort palace. The fort palace recreates the magic of the royal era. A royal wedding at Neemrana could be experienced at the royal fort palace. The hotel arranges for the wedding perfectly to make it a special day. A Royal Wedding in Neemrana assures that you one will cherish one's wedding day for lifetime.

Royal Wedding Venues in Jodhpur, Rajasthan(India) :

The shining colors of love appear more romantic on the occasion of weddings in Sun City Jodhpur. These are not only the city dwellers who come here to join each other in holy matrimony, but a large number of westerners with a dream of Royal weddings to be hitched like Rajkumars and Rajkumaris also arrive here to get hitched at various wedding venues in Jodhpur.
Located in the Mewar region of state of Rajasthan, Jodhpur boasts of a host of wedding venues which can play a host to your holy union for life. Many of the palaces have been beautifully transformed to their former glory with all luxurious amenities with a tinge of royalty to it, displaying the better of two worlds, thus facilitating your nuptials as once the former kings did. These royal wedding hotels in Jodhpur are new breed of hosts creating the same magic they did centuries ago. The famous wedding venues in Jodhpur are At Taj Umaid bhavan palace, Ranbanka palace and Taj Hari Mahal palace where the bliss of weddings achieves zenith.

Royal Wedding Venues in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan(India):

Jalsalmer's palaces and Haveli's together with their glorious history, and vibrant culture and color have always enchanted people from around the world. The shadies in the regions are well known for their splendor and royality. The Golden city has now added new gem in its taj by offering various Royal wedding venues In Jaisalmer to solemnize the sacred bonds of Love.
These Jaisalmer wedding venues are beautifully refurbished properties of former royals which have added some new features without removing its former flamboyance. The aura and essence is still intact to allow couples to wed and relive those royal moments at Hotel Fort Rajwada being such a magical venue.
The holy rituals of weddings combined with magnificent selling of forts paints a picture which remains alive forever in the memory of couples in search for royal wedding in INDIA- Rajasthan.

Royal Wedding Venues in Jaipur, Rajasthan( India) :

The much awaited ecstasies of royal weddings, luxury and comfort come together during wedding in Jaipur. The dream of getting married in a unique way becomes true while tying the knots at a place which invokes mixed feelings of royalty-n-style, where groom appears at his very best in his wedding sherwani and bride in her royal outfit There are plenty of wedding venues in Jaipur to host a picture perfect Royal wedding in rajasthan as it is most awaited and most important day of your life.
Luxury of hotels, regality of palaces and hospitality of pink city invites you humming Padharo Mhare Desh to come to set off for a new journey of life. Several venues for weddings in Jaipur appear to have graced the city like a diamond in the ring and have proved themselves to be worth being a part for gala affair of your life. This pink city with all its princely valor and splendor revitalizes its previous glory to crown you as the couple of moment.