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Birthdays are that one day of your life when you want to feel the most important person on the earth so it is not only a special occasion for the birthday boy or girl but also a special occasion for the family and all their loved ones. For a child, birthdays are the most awaited and exciting occasions of the year, as kids we used to plan the entire year what would we do on our b´day what would we wear what chocolates would we distribute to the class and a lot more so b´days count for a lot of imagination and to make this dream come true we Desert Pearl Entertainment Event planning Services are by your side whenever you need. It is a date that remains special for a person throughout his life. It is the day when he came to this world as a happy gift for many people around. On such a special occasion, he expects the same reciprocation from the world.
We are a family-firm organizing events with the latest ideas for Birthday Parties like theme party, new games, special gifts, customized cakes etc. Our skilled and knowledgeable organizers will successfully plan and produce your birthday with lots of fun, making it a great and memorable event. You would definitely love the way of our organization. Everything would be systematic with proper time scheduling for celebration and meal.

1. wedding anniversary

Memorable anniversary celebration is not about doing something fancy or big. You just have to do something where the couple can spend some beautiful moments and treasure them forever. Anniversary event ideas can be something very simple yet elegant, it can be one of the most unforgettable experiences of the couple´s married life yet an event which everyone would love. The couple has to decide how they would like to spend this special day. Whether they would like to celebrate it alone or share their happiness with all their loves ones, and here is when we come into picture-everything can be arranged.
We plan the whole event arranging everything beforehand. We start working on this pretty early, to avoid rushing things at the last moment and giving our 100% to make things perfect as the couple would like. The anniversary event idea will also differ based on the number of years the couple has been together so that they can relive those moments when they got married.

2. corporate anniversary

The day when your business reaches new heights, the day when your business completes number of successful years is the one when you have a real reason to celebrate and thus your corporate anniversary can and should help achieve strategic business goals. If all you do is revise your logo or host an employee party, you are missing a great opportunity the opportunity of making something useful out of what you have got.
Successful business anniversaries fit into the big picture. There are opportunities in advertising, sales, marketing, public relations, media, communications, investor relations, customer relations, community relations and human resources. We provide the overall project management needed to engage and lead representatives from these areas of your organization toward a cohesive anniversary campaign so as to give it a strategic view and benefit.
Anniversary planning takes time. Some companies begin planning years in advance of the Corporate Event. We will provide the resources to help plan your anniversary while your internal staff remains focused on their day-to-day responsibilities. This provides you with the dual benefit of not disturbing your routine work culture and at the same time systematic and focused planning and arrangement of your Corporate Event.
We are corporate Event Planning specialists. We have the knowledge and resources to design and execute an anniversary campaign that will show a substantial return on your investment.

Baby shower

With a new baby coming into the world the most happy are the baby´s parents and the rest of the relatives and friends are excited about the suraj pujan and naamkaran´ of the baby. Your life is now going to be changed forever but it will only bring you joy.
We wish you all the best.
Celebrate this special day with a special touch by Desert Pearl Entertainment(Udaipur, Rajasthan).